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Reduce high interest rates

Understand the mortgage process

Match loans with your circumstances and goals

Discover how much savings you really need 

Banks can overestimate how much savings are needed for refinancing. That’s because they take a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re all about individual circumstances. We’ll clarify if refinancing is the right way choice, and only show the numbers that impact you. 

Find the right lenders

There are thousands of refinancing options out there. We only match you up with lenders who suit your current circumstance and long term goals. So you won’t waste time and energy looking in the wrong place.

Turn the numbers into sense

Our experts love crunching numbers.

We’ll work through the interest rates, loan terms, variable or fixed rates, debt consolidation and equity considerations for home upgrades and future investments. 

Then we’ll translate it so it makes sense.

Honesty & Understanding

We take the time to understand your situation. And we’ll tell you if a loan is not for you.

Trust & Expertise

Over 1,000 happy clients who are now investors, renovators, first home and new car owners.

Faster & Simpler

No complicated financial-speak. 

Just simple loans you can pay off flexibly!

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How do you find the right lender?

There are lots of financial products available. But not all of them will be right for you. In fact, there may only be one option that’s the right fit. Our commitment is to find and present you with options that suit you. 

We’ll make a full assessment of your current situation and what you hope to achieve and then get to work on finding the right refinancing option. Then our data experts crunch the numbers and shortlist the right lenders. We present them and guide you through the decision making process.

Can I lower my interest with refinancing?

Yes, it’s possible to lower your interest. 

We provide assistance in acquiring a whole host of financial products. If you’re juggling too many repayments with different interest rates, debt consolidation can help make life more straightforward. 

If you want to lower the interest on your mortgage, we can help you find a refinancing plan that’s suitable.

Why choose Fluent Finance?

When you go to a traditional bank or other financial institution, you’ll deal with a whole team of employees who tick a box and pass you along. Here at Fluent Finance, we adopt a ‘client-first’ approach. 

We update you every step of the way. You won’t be chasing us for updates or left waiting. 

We’re honest and direct, delivering clear advice you need to know. If now isn’t the right time for you to buy a home, or refinancing isn’t a good idea, we’ll tell you straight away.

Ultimately, we’ll give you everything you need, as quickly as possible, so you decide to be our client for life.


We also assist you with the application process, which increases the chance of your loan getting approved. 

No one likes complicated loans. That’s why we make the process as smooth as possible.

When should I refinance?

There are many reasons people choose to refinance. 

People usually refinance to:

  • Lower their interest rate
  • Change their type of interest rate(fixed vs variable, principal and interest or interest-only)
  • Get a home loan with better features
  • Access their home’s equity
  • Invest in property
  • Start renovations
  • Consolidate debt into one simple repayment

It all comes down to getting the loans that’s right for your circumstances.

How will the refinancing process take?

It can take between 2 to 4 weeks on average. 

A typical refinancing process starts with the application. Once approved, your new lender will arrange a transfer of debts (aka your mortgage) with your current one. The length of time can vary slightly, since different lenders have their own process.

Will refinancing affect my credit score?

Refinancing won’t affect your credit score. 

If your application is rejected, the outcome will be recorded on your application only, and won’t alter your credit score.

Having a low credit score can reduce the chances of approval. Applying for multiple loans in a short period of time can also negatively affect your credit score.

But you won’t have to worry. 

We conduct a thorough pre-approval to make sure your applications are only going to lenders who are happy to approve it.