Refer Reward Repeat Sep/Oct 2023 T&C’s

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one $500 gift will be given per new client/couple. If we receive a referral from multiple people for the same new client/couple, the first referral will receive the gift.
  • If multiple loans are settled for the one new client/couple, if they total over a minimum of $300K, then no more than one $500 gift will be provided.
  • If someone refers multiple new clients/couples, they may be entitled to multiple $500 gifts.
  • The promotion is currently running from Monday the 18th of September 2023 and is scheduled to end COB 27th of October 2023. The promotion may be extended.
  • New clients/couples must be introduced to Fluent Finance within the promotional period for the referrer to be eligible to receive the $500 gift. Loans do not need to be settled within the promotional period.
  • $500 gifts will be paid to referrers in the form of a VISA Gift Card. Alternatively the referrer may, at their discretion, ask Fluent Finance in writing, to make a donation to a specified charity, school or sporting establishment on their behalf.
  • Payment of $500 gift will be made upon settlement of the new client/couples’ loans.
  • Direct communication from the referrer to Fluent Finance regarding the referral must be made prior to Fluent Finance engaging with the new client/couple.
  • Any direct abuse of this offer will void any entitlements.

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